Leigh Linux User Group

Welcome to the Leigh Linux User Group

The Leigh GNU Linux User Group (LUG) is an informal friendly collective that share an interest in GNU Linux, Free Software and Technology in general.

In real open source, you have the right to control your own destiny. ~Linus Torvalds

Our mission is a simple one. We aim to support and promote GNU Linux / Free Software and those who use it. See the About page for further information.


2014/04/12: The Leigh LUG website has now been booked into a git repository on GitHub. This will allow for distributed development by members. You can also use this repositories issues tracker to report any issues with the site i.e. viewing on a particular OS or browser version etc.
Link: Leigh LUG git repository hosted on GitHub

2014/04/08: First promotional poster. We are proud to have our first promotional poster (A4) for the group. This and ones that follow, we hope will help spark interest and bring people to the group.
Link: leigh_lug_poster_ad_2014_04_v_1_0.pdf

2014/03/31: First demonstration video. A tour / look at Fedora 20.
WEBM: leigh_lug_demo_fedora_20.webm
OGV: leigh_lug_demo_fedora_20.ogv

2014/03/25: Following our formation in March 2014. We are currently developing this website and our other presences in order to help us promote the group and grow. Please be patient while development is progressing.